Why You Should Decorate with Grommet Panel Curtains

Window treatments are just as important in home design as the colors you choose for your walls or even the pieces of furniture you pick out. Originally window coverings were used to simply block out the sun but now they are a part of your overall interior design, they can look good and still be functional. One of the most popular and practical window treatments are grommet curtains, grommet top curtains can update the look of a room from boring to colorful and stylish.
Easy to Install
Just as the name says the curtains have a metal or plastic grommet at the top, the rod slides through the grommets so the curtains hang and flow naturally. The rod going through the grommets gives it a pleated look. Grommet top curtains can come in any color and almost any type of fabric so coordinating them with a room is never a problem. You can hang them up as soon as you get them they take just a few minutes to install.
Easy to Maintain
It used to be that cleaning curtains was nightmare, they had to be removed hook by hook and then you had to remove all the hooks before bring them to a dry cleaner, to make matters worse you then had to repeat the process to put them back up. Cleaning grommet curtains is the easiest thing in the world, simply take them down from the rod and clean according to instructions, most are even machine washable. Since most of these types of curtains come in fabrics like silk, cotton and polyester washing them is like washing regular clothes.
Tips on Buying
When you buy panel curtains make sure each panel is the width of the window so they hang properly and flow nicely when they are closed. Not only does the width have to be right so does the length, measure from the floor to just above the window casing, where the rod will be installed. Remember with grommet top curtains your rod will be above the casing and extend about 6 inches on either side of your window. Panel curtains can look mismatched and allow in light and cold if not fitted properly.
Grommet curtains go well with any room and their versatility gives endless style options. The sheer ease of installation and maintenance combined with great look makes the the first choice of interior designers for almost every room.

Using Decorative Bird Cages for the Home Interior

Bird cages have become common decorative pieces for the home’s interior. With their interesting and unique shapes not to mention the intricate details, birdcages are not just meant for housing birds. Most of them are either made of wood or metal and one can choose to have a painted or a rusted one depending on the kind of interior look they want to achieve.

Vintage bird cages have become more popular because they are more decorative and attractive compared to the common mass-produced pet cages found in stores. There are also various reproductions that are similar to the style and details of original vintage cages, however, they are used for purely decorative purposes and cannot serve as an actual bird cage.

There is no doubt something special about including a decorative bird cage as part of a room’s décor. It brings about that Victorian feel that makes the home more inviting. Some useful ideas of using decorative bird cages are as follows:-

Bird Cages For Decorative Lighting

You can use them as part of the lighting accessories around the home. One can either use candles or use a strand of lights. If the bird cage is big enough, it can even hold a chandelier. They look absolutely amazing and make the lighting look very unique.

Used With Decorative House Plants

A bird cage can hold one or several potted house plants. It is one way of adding style to the use of house plants for decoration. The cage will make the houseplant look better and you can either have the potted plant next to the cage or inside the cage. You can also have several plants inside and others next to the cage of course depending on the size of the cage. The house plants can either be natural or artificial, either way they make a beautiful combination.

As A Decorative Centerpiece

Bird cages can also make very attractive centerpieces, especially the vintage bird cages. They can be used in centerpiece arrangement as an elegant accessory, the same way a table centerpiece is used. When combined with the appropriate decorative pieces, they make awesome centerpieces and compliment the rest of the room.

Used Along With Antique Books

Put some antique books inside a birdcage and put it in your home as a decorative piece. The effect is amazing. The bigger your bird cage is, the better because you will put in several books for that desired effect.

With decorative bird cages, there is no limit to creativity and in some cases, you don’t have to put anything in it if it is beautiful on its own. Simply find the ideal place around your home and place it there. You can even opt to put real colorful birds inside the cage, just ensure that you manage the litter well to avoid that messy look. Decorative bird cages are simply one of the most unique decorative pieces for a home’s interior.

adjustable curved shower curtain rod chrome

Cute Curved Curtain Rod

When it comes to bathrooms many people often think about how the lights won’t get wet and how to get a good shower head, or how to get the right rugs for the floor. However, very few people ever think of the curtain shower rod until they have to shower and the experience being different from what they expected it to be.

Signs you need to change your shower curtain rod

1.Having to mop the floor every time you use the bathroom as the water just keeps seeping out.

2. Showering while you are on one side of the bathroom to keep yourself from spilling water out

3. The bathroom area looking very big while outside but all cramped in when you shower

4. The other rod is too old and extremely ugly and rusted.

Why choose a curved shower curtain rod

1. A curved shower rod will help in stopping the continuous spillage that happens every time you shower. This usually happens when water flows to the sides of the curtain and onto the floor when showering as its edges go straight onto the wall rather the curving inside towards the bathe area.

2. Showering from one side of the bathroom may be due to the fact you are frustrated with all the mopping that comes after showing as it makes you feel like you want to shower again.

3. A curved shower is able to create space that is usually undetectable with a straight rod, thus you will have more space to turn around and have a chance to throw your hands up and just have a good time while showering.

4. It’s also pretty obvious that you should replace a rod once its old, rusted and ugly as very soon it will fall out of place making you shower without a curtain.

What to look for when choosing a curved shower rod

1. Ensure that the rod you choose is easily adjustable so as to fit into your bathroom walls well, to be on the safe go for one that offers a wide range.

2. Choose one that is made of strong material such as stainless steel, this is to ensure even when you tug on it, it won’t break easily.

3. Choose material that wont rust even after the everyday showering, go for coated ones or one made from stainless steel material, so that you can stay with it for longer without having change it.

However ensure that you also have a good curtain to go with it, chose a curtain long enough to contain the water inside, easy to clean and water proof. With all this you are sure to get the best experience while in the bathroom.

bronze curtain rod brackets

Things to take into consideration when choosing the ideal curtain rod bracket

The task of choosing the correct curtain rod bracket is usually left to the very last moment when moving into a new house. This brings chaos in the planning and over all décor because the choice is overwhelming, after all it can either complement or break the house décor. To be on the safe side, one has to have sufficient time to ensure that the brackets are just right for the job, blend with the home décor and are the preferred taste. In choosing the correct curtain bracket there are certain things that you have to take into account. Included are;


The curtains function should come into account. This is mainly because they are more than just a cover to a window. If the curtains are to remain stationary, a basic curtain bracket will be adequate. However for most curtains in your homes, they need to be opened and closed to enable the room get sufficient natural lighting. The curtain brackets should correspond well with the curtain rods and have specific hardware for this function. For convenience purposes the curtain bracket should be able to support a double curtain rod, one for the sheer and one for the curtain.

Size of the window

The size of the widow directly affects the weight that the curtain bracket will be able to support. In standard sized windows, one double curtain rod can be supported comfortably with basic curtain brackets. On the other hand, if the size of the window is larger, this translates to larger sized curtains, that translate to heavier curtains that in turn affect the choice you have when it comes to purchasing of the brackets. The space ad surface in which the bracket is to be mounted also comes to effect here. When having a relatively small space, you have no choice but to choose a bracket with no protruding edges at the side. The opposite holds true in a large surface, you are able to choose different designs according to taste and preference.


In purchasing of curtain brackets, the cost comes to play. There are different types of curtain brackets material in the market. They include plastic, wood, metal. After settling to the specific desired one, choose one that actually fits your budget. Ensure that when doing so that it does complement the wood box if any is used. In doing so you will find it relatively easier to settle on the ideal wall bracket set. Ensure that in the very least; you purchase what you like thus you won’t be forced to take it off a few weeks after installation.

Ideas for cubicle interior decor

Interior features of a cubicle are based on its limited space. But you don’t need to jump over your head if you want to make it look great. This is possible by creating an illusion and applying certain design techniques that visually expand space around you. So, let’s start with expanding the space, and then get to the remaining questions on the formation of the cubicle decor.

Increasing visual space

There are many techniques how to increase the visual space of a cubicle. The main and most common one is the use of bright colors in the decor elements. Therefore, walls and ceiling should be painted into neutral colors, like white, gray or lime. If you choose dark colors they will actually make your small bedroom look even smaller – so choose lighter tones.

However everything has to be within reasonable limits – try adding some other colors just to accentuate certain angles, preferably of bright tones.

Expensive but very effective way to visually expand a cubicle is a mirrored wall. If you choose this option the result will strike you.
Another way is to use low furniture. In combination with long curtains, this technique will visually increase the height of your bedroom.

The last but not least important thing to consider is the lighting. The point of this method lies in the fact that light sources should be hidden inside the furniture or the ceiling and the rays of light should be directed upwards.

The formation of the cubicle decor

There are many factors to consider. But first, the best option would be to install sliding doors, which can help you preserve the precious space. But ordinary, swinging doors with proper planning will not become a big obstacle either.

Furniture is crucial for a cubicle decor, especially the bed. It is the principal object of your bedroom, especially a small one. Before you buy a bed you should consider its size and location for installation. Of course, the big bed looks more attractive, but it steals a substantial part of the area. Sofa is a good option but not the best one.

There is a very original solution in the form of a bed with built-in drawers, cupboards and cabinets. The result looks great – a minimum of furniture and maximum space.

Don’t forget about the space above the bedside tables. It can be used for all kinds of shelves. Just don’t overdo with this cubicle decor element and clutter it with unnecessary items. In this case minimum is maximum.

craftsman style bungalow

Home Design Ideas: Craftsman Style Houses

Original Craftsman houses are built from plans that were published in The Craftsman, a magazine published by Gustav Stickley. The publication was in circulation from 1901 to 1916, and Craftsman home plans can also be purchased through the Stickley catalog.

In addition to Stickley, a number of other magazines provide Craftsman style house plans and pictures that inspire those who want to Craftsman-style house. The term “Craftsman” is often use to describe a home that has arts and crafts design features throughout the house. The architecture, furniture and decorative features of a house determine whether the home is built and adorned in true Craftsman style.

Bungalow-style homes, which are popular in middle-class neighborhoods, are often Craftsman homes. Cottages and cabins likely fit into this category as well. Some homeowners are even purchasing old farmhouses and converting them into one-of-a-kind Craftsman houses. Some Craftsman homes also have Swiss chalet and Asian influences.

Craftsman style house plans include a number of features that can be appealing to large families, or homeowners who entertain often. For instance, the balcony and foyer are open spaces that are perfect for small social gathering. The upper story of a Craftsman house also features a bonus room. This room can be used as an additional bedroom, a home office or a den.

Craftsman houses also feature a large garage that can hold two or three cars, and a deck that is spacious enough for outdoor entertaining. There is often a full bathroom for each bedroom in the home, and the bathroom for the master bedroom is rather large, creating a spacious master suite. The master suites in Craftsman houses have his and her closets and high, vaulted ceilings.

Natural, simple materials are often used to create a Craftsman home. Wood, glass and various forms of metal are used to make the walls, floors and ceilings of the home. There are also a number of stone details in the home, such as in the outside structure of the chimney, the fireplace or the accent wall of the living room or kitchen. The porch usually has overhanging beams or rafts, and the roof is low-pitched, particularly in a bungalow-style home.

When having a Craftsman home built, or when adding Craftsman-style addition to a home, it’s best to work with a contractor who is very familiar with Craftsman work. Homeowners may also want to take a look at the contractor’s previous work to ensure that the finished result of home remodel and construction is true to the timeless simplicity of Craftsman style.

bianco antico granite 1

Home Decorating Ideas Using Bianco Romano Granite

Want to add a bit of style in your kitchen or bathroom? Bianco Romano is lovely type of granite with a striking smooth appearance that makes it suitable for almost any countertop areas around the house. It is sourced from Brazil which is among the world’s top producers of all types of granites. The Bianco Romano granite features a subtle white backdrop color that is splashed with black spots and creamy golden inflections. It is easy to clean and very hard which makes it durable and long lasting.

If used on the kitchen counters, try incorporating stained wood carpentry with dark stains, such as cherry and mahogany. Keep in mind that lighter woods go well with paler tiles. For instance, if your tiles are oak consider stained cabinets. Your main aim is not to shadow the beauty of the Bianco Romano stone, so be careful not to choose busy patterns or opposing colors. Also consider adding a touch of stainless steel to give your kitchen a clean and pleasant look. You can buy brightly toned countertop appliances, dinnerware and towels to give that kitchen pops of color. Balance your ideas and choices between sleek and clean so as not to kill the beauty of the granite.

Other than being used on countertops, the granite can also be used as flooring and for outside barbeque tables. Over the years the stone has also been used for decoration purposes. It used together with other stones and building structures to imply power and greatness of the owner as belief holds it. It is common to find it on office and hotel buildings.

Is your outdoor or garden looking dull? Well, instead of those wooden chairs and tables which succumb to the elements of weather; why not use the Bianco Romano granite? Other than its attractive and classical appearance the granite is also very bold for the outdoors.

What colors go well with Bianco Romano granite?

The color combination of this granite makes it work well with a variety of colors. It is frequently paired with either cream or white colors. However, the granite appears more striking if it is paired with black as the black color emphasizes the black spots it features. From a distance the granites view is of a grayish hue which also makes it blend perfectly with the color gray. Dark wood stain colors also work well with the Romano granite as it creates a contrasting effect.

The Romano stone is easy to maintain and they are fairly priced. if well used, they add value to your whole home generally.

curtain rods 4

Facts About Bay Window Curtain Rods

Bay windows are the best to make a room look beautiful and to drain the room with light. It will give you the feel of extra space to your room. The bay windows are nothing but three sided windows, where a big window is in the middle and the two smaller windows are at each side. The homes that are built near beautiful places have this kind of windows one can enjoy the view from the house. For this type of bay windows one needs the bay window curtain rods that make the room beautiful with the help of some curtains.

What are curtain rods for bay windows?

One may think that tracks are the only option for the homes that have bay windows which can be bent according to exact dimension. Nowadays the bay window curtain rods have come into existence that are made up of a metal and has a white finish on it. The curtain rods come in different sizes and they are easily adjustable so that it may fit to your specific bay windows.

Some Facts

The rods can be bent to any shape irrespective of the fact whether you have a square bay window or a round bay window. These types of curtain rods can hold up to a specific amount of weight so never try to use heavy draperies to furnish these types of windows. Before choosing bay window curtain rods you need to look into the fact that each bay window is made in a different manner. So you must incorporate a different style instead of following the others.


The bay window curtain rods are affordable and you can get the best designs online. They are designed to fit most of the bay windows and can accommodate the grommet top or the tab-top panels. The features like adjustability along with the ease in installation make these curtain rods very popular these days. If you are looking for some classy curtains that will drape your room and will give a dynamic design then the bay window curtain rods are the best option for you rather than the regular rods that are available in the market. You can easily cover any curtain panel with these types of curtain rods.

So, before selecting the best kind of rod you need to choose what kind of curtain you are using to drape your window. Selecting the best kind of window rods is absolutely necessary before you purchase the curtains for your room. Adding curtain styles according to your choices can be possible only when you have the best rods that are durable and easy to fit to your bay window.


Improving Home Decor using Bead Curtains

Beading as a craft has existed for many centuries. They originate from a variety of oriental cultures and became more popular and eventually expanded to most of Europe. Within the French and North Africa regions, beading was a significant and very prominently featured. In America, they became popular partly due to the Asian and North Africa movies. When it comes to improving the quality of your curtains, beading is an amazing feature to improve your interior decor.

How to decorate your home using beaded curtains.

Customized beads to create gentle divisions.

There are extensive varieties of bead curtains depending on the custom materials used to enhance a gentle division. Sleeping and working areas can be decorated with beaded curtains to allow proper lighting. The materials include; crystals gemstones, shells, glass, wood, bamboo, metal, plastic, faux metal and mirrors. These materials are just among the many types of bead making elements. There are two main types of bead curtains mainly the standard and the custom made curtains. The customized ones are usually made from a combination of light and color enhancing materials.

Enhancing home Elegance.

In terms of home privacy, bead curtains cannot provide complete privacy. Beads that are strung closely still do not give the much needed privacy. Customized versions can also be elegant or simply casual. This depends on the particular type of material used. The advantage customized beads offer is that they are basic to work with and not expensive. With basic artistic knowledge, a hand painted, dry bamboo bead can create beautiful designs.

Color coordination using beads

A popular misconception is that beads are outdated and cannot be smoothly combined with other forms of curtains. Most households tend to use curtains in the kitchen or working areas to monitor children while attending to their chores. In most cases, they are thought to be made of cheaper materials. The reality is that there is much more to bead curtains than commonly thought of. Beads light up our rooms and are flexible to other variety of curtains.

Family Activity Decoration

In the current age, beading has emerged as a major sensation and creative craft in designing personal jeweler. Beading curtains based on the 1960’s era has become popular again. Individual home owner’s looking for a sense of satisfaction or the need to accomplish something themselves has found it in making beaded curtains. It is a time consuming and repetitive process and therefore requires individuals that love beading. Threading numerous beads that are of different sizes require passion. The beads are quite beautiful when hang on a bedroom doorway. Windows also provide an exquisite view if brightly colored beads are used. Another unique patter involves alternating the clear beads with the wooden beads. If they don’t feel like home curtains try adding the tiebacks to make them more regular.

To conclude, when making bead curtains for home decor, use long and slender beads more often. Larger beads help reduce the beads you thread on a curtain line. As you customize your beaded curtain, design a beaded valance. Hang the valance on the sheers and apply the color that matches the sheer to enhance the overall look. Remember to buy adequate beads to ensure you don’t run out while beading your curtains. Try using beads to improve lighting conditions and brilliant colorful home by using a variety of beaded curtains.