Choosing the best Masonite’s Interior Door for your Home

December 03, 2014 By: idesign Category: Door

3 panel interior doors masonite's

One of the few finishing touches that are actually under rated in most homes is the choosing of the right interior door. This is a mistake that most do and they end up with the worst looking doors that are embarrassingly an eyesore. Nonetheless this is not a formidable task as many people assume it […]

Tips on How to get the Most out of Beadboard Paneling

December 02, 2014 By: idesign Category: bathroom, Wall

beadboard bathroom

Also referred to as wainscoting, beadboard paneling is a decorative wood paneling which can be used for different home decorating ideas. Previously, it was used to give homes a country or cottage-like look, but of late it has evolved to become even more popular and has found use in nearly all different decoration styles and […]

Great Solution for Window Treatment of Your Sliding Doors

December 01, 2014 By: idesign Category: Windows

anderson modern kitchen glass sliding door

While the sliding doors are a great addition to a home, it comes a time when you want to retain the heat leaving your home and some of those times are just around the corner so you may want to start covering those windows to be able to keep the much needed heat in. however, […]

Some awesome Do-It-Yourself wainscoting ideas

November 30, 2014 By: idesign Category: Wall

classy DIY wainscoting ideas

Did you know that you can effectively remodel your house by use of wainscoting panels? There are many or numerous DIY ideas on how to achieve this feat. Remodeling of your house needs not to be an expensive affair. You can opt to do the remodeling all by yourself or have your family members and […]

The Ultimate Guide To Wainscoating Ideas

November 29, 2014 By: idesign Category: Plans

bathroom fancy wainscoting ideas

Wainscoting is the wooden slatted sections that can be included on the lower parts of the wall to create a unique texture. Wainscoted sections reach almost halfway the wall with the edge referred to as chair rail, which is a crown-molding topper. In the kitchen section, the chair rails are placed in areas where the […]

Secrets to Great Building- The Verde Butterfly Granite

November 28, 2014 By: idesign Category: Uncategorized

classic natural stone verde granite

In today’s world, building is not just finding a place to live or work. It is more of an art, bringing the best out of what you are to do. This has brought in the use of granite in the remodeling of homes; the most commonly used is the Verde granite. What has brought about […]

Find out about Sliding Room Dividers

November 27, 2014 By: idesign Category: Uncategorized

blue sliding room dividers

Space is considered to be a luxury nowadays. Every inch of space today is so expensive that you cannot afford to spare it to nothing. But sometimes, having too much space can be a problem. It feels like there is just too much space for a room that it does not have a use anymore. […]

Why You Should Decorate with Grommet Panel Curtains

November 26, 2014 By: idesign Category: Uncategorized

charming blue silk curtains

Window treatments are just as important in home design as the colors you choose for your walls or even the pieces of furniture you pick out. Originally window coverings were used to simply block out the sun but now they are a part of your overall interior design, they can look good and still be […]

Using Decorative Bird Cages for the Home Interior

November 25, 2014 By: idesign Category: Uncategorized

classic halloween birdcages

Bird cages have become common decorative pieces for the home’s interior. With their interesting and unique shapes not to mention the intricate details, birdcages are not just meant for housing birds. Most of them are either made of wood or metal and one can choose to have a painted or a rusted one depending on […]

Cute Curved Curtain Rod

November 24, 2014 By: idesign Category: bathroom

adjustable curved shower curtain rod chrome

When it comes to bathrooms many people often think about how the lights won’t get wet and how to get a good shower head, or how to get the right rugs for the floor. However, very few people ever think of the curtain shower rod until they have to shower and the experience being different […]