Choosing the best Masonite’s Interior Door for your Home

One of the few finishing touches that are actually under rated in most homes is the choosing of the right interior door. This is a mistake that most do and they end up with the worst looking doors that are embarrassingly an eyesore. Nonetheless this is not a formidable task as many people assume it to been. It can be quite easy with the right checklist. So exactly how do you choose the right interior door for your home?

Introduces in the market a few years back are the masonite interior doors offer the largest collection of clear door or decorated doors, perfect for your décor. However there are a few things that you actually have to take into consideration, as they include;

Type of door

There are different kinds of masonite interior doors, however as great as the quality is in all its one has to be careful when choosing a door that will fit their specific project. This is largely divided into two specific categories, that is solid or the hollow masonites interior door. Both have very specific privacy levels. Nonetheless one has to keep in mind at all times of what the current finished décor will be like a blend that will complement the overall decor and make the whole outlook stunning.


Your individual style comes to play, that is what you like and your specific tastes ad outlook you want your whole project to showcase. Some of the choices that you can choose fro is if you want an overall rustic, traditional or contemporary look. Whatever your choice, it should be to your liking and should fit the architectural style perfectly.


Masonites interior doors come in different material designs, each fitting perfectly for its role in specific household projects. For a more aesthetic need wood paneling has proved truly true classic however for a more natural ambience, fiber technology is the way to go. Wood louver gives one the tropical look and ensures ventilation is just enough especially for humid areas however for a matching décor touch choosing a masonites interior door wood flush is a wise choice. This material gives you the choice of choosing your own color that actually matches with your own décor.


For installation choose an insured contractor, after all it’s a fact that this interiors door don’t come cheap. It’s a great quality for high price. Having this in mind, do it yourself is not always the right way of going, having hanging holed doors isn’t much of decoration rather an eyesore that will make your whole project look cheap.

Tips on How to get the Most out of Beadboard Paneling

Also referred to as wainscoting, beadboard paneling is a decorative wood paneling which can be used for different home decorating ideas. Previously, it was used to give homes a country or cottage-like look, but of late it has evolved to become even more popular and has found use in nearly all different decoration styles and ideas. In fact, it is one of the best interior design ideas especially if you want to add some touch of coziness and unlimited comfort that you may not find in any other design décor. If you are looking for anything that can add hominess and make your house feel warmer regardless of if you live there more often or not, then beadboard panels are ideal for you.

Tips and ideas on how to get the most out of beadboard paneling.

Though it was initially intended for walls, this board can also be used on furniture. Actually, it adds much personality to your furniture without having to be too bold.

  1. Using beadboard on your walls

It is quite often used for wall decoration. For wall decoration, it can be done in three different ways depending on your tastes. You can have wainscot that is about your waist level and with chair rails entirely on its acme; you can also go for wainscot that reaches your shoulder level and topped with a molding; or, you can even install a complete wall to ceiling wainscot covering.

  1. Using wainscot on your ceilings

Apart from your walls, you can also use beadboard panels to decorate you ceilings. This adds a theme of cottage-like to your home. To get the most out of your ceiling paneling, you should install it in the same direction just like your floor boards. This brings about the illusion of continuity to your visitors. When painting it, paint it with the same color just like your walls. This helps to make the rooms coordinated and hence coherent. If you are looking to add some interesting twist to your house, and if your ceiling is installed with beams, you can install your beadboard paneling in whichever direction you choose.

  1. Using beadboard paneling on your furniture.

Though most people prefers using board panels on ceiling and walls, you should never be limited only to these decoration places. For example, you can install beadboad paneling on your kitchen cabinets, closet doors and bathroom cabinets.

No matter where you choose to use your beadboard paneling, trust me, it will never fail to give you that excluding comfy and homey feeling within your house. These boards are made from a various woods like maple, oak, pine and cedar. They can also be in form of plain white veneer that is quite perfect for painting.

Great Solution for Window Treatment of Your Sliding Doors

While the sliding doors are a great addition to a home, it comes a time when you want to retain the heat leaving your home and some of those times are just around the corner so you may want to start covering those windows to be able to keep the much needed heat in. however, at the same time, you don’t what to have to cover all the benefits that the sliding doors have to offer. That is why we have put together a number of window treatments for sliding glass doors.

Sheer panels.

There are a variety of reasons as to why sheer panels make such a great window treatment for sliding doors and one is the fact that they are super light especially when it comes to moving them hence you don’t have to spend much energy in moving them. Furthermore, their light nature allows them to filter and let in the light. As such they are able to let the slide doors serve on of their purposes even if the windows are covered.

Ring clips.

The last thing that you want to have is to weigh down your airy look with hefty wood and metal bars. Instead you can use ring clips with a subtle cable which allows you to go light overall especially if you’re opting for the sheer panel. The last thing that you want is to have is chunks hanging awkwardly on the frame of your sliding doors.

Side mounted panels.

If you’re going for the purely decorative window treatments for sliding doors, then the side mounts offer you a great chance to do exactly that. The good thing about this is that these do not get in the way of the door and just offer a great candy for the eye. They are also ideal since you can place the side mounts as high as you want since you will not be using them and the curtains that you will be using will not be movable.

Go for art.

For the best window treatments for sliding doors feel free to go wild and to do this you may opt to go for the bold colors and also the fabric patterns. This way you not only have great window treatment but you also have something that doubles up as a work of art. To give it a great touch, you can have a ruffled up top edge dress design for the panels to give it a more appealing look.

Now you have some ways that you can simply make sure that the windows of your sliding doors are well taken care off while at the same time offering your home a new look.

Some awesome Do-It-Yourself wainscoting ideas

Did you know that you can effectively remodel your house by use of wainscoting panels? There are many or numerous DIY ideas on how to achieve this feat. Remodeling of your house needs not to be an expensive affair. You can opt to do the remodeling all by yourself or have your family members and friends lend you a hand in it. The use of wainscoting panels is an old practice and it entails adding the panels to an existing wall to create a non-flat surface. These surfaces can come in many different forms and shape.


Prefabricated wainscoting

Wainscoting as a method is said to have been brought to the US by the early European settlers who came to the US. These settlers brought with them many unique decorating styles that were dominant in Europe. When shopping for panels, you are likely to come across prefabricated panels of many different styles and designs. Most of these prefabricated wainscoting panels are designed and cut to fit the surfaces upon which they are mounted. Most of these prefabricated panels come unfinished allowing you the flexibility of finishing them as you please.

Raised panels

This type of wainscoting panel is ideal for protecting walls in high traffic areas. Patching the painting and plaster with wainscoting panels is an ideal way of protecting the walls from staining and scratching. However, the use of raised wainscoting panels is an expensive and laborious task. An alternative to this, beadboards are recommended.



These are straight geometric panels of wood that are made with plain top molding which is mounted in a thin plain baseboard resembling a tongue and groove. Small designs are made by gluing two sheets of wood together while larger designs are fashioned from a single sheet of wood.

How to decorate with Beadboard

These simple panels can bring a rustic look to your dining or living room especially if the panel is lightly polished and stained. The beadboards can also protect the bathroom wall from wear and tear which would require you to spend much time and money repainting the walls every so often. Some cool decorating ideas include painting the wall just above the beadboards with a light color or painting the wall in a color that contrasts the stained beadboards. Choosing to install the panels by yourself is easy. All you need to do is wear protective clothing and buy yourself some prefabricated panels. These will come with manufacturer’s installation manual which will give you step by step process to follow when installing the panels on your walls.

The Ultimate Guide To Wainscoating Ideas

Wainscoting is the wooden slatted sections that can be included on the lower parts of the wall to create a unique texture. Wainscoted sections reach almost halfway the wall with the edge referred to as chair rail, which is a crown-molding topper. In the kitchen section, the chair rails are placed in areas where the chairs may hit the wall creating marks. In bathrooms, wainscoting can be done on at a higher level to create backsplash regions behind the bathtub and sink. With creating wainscoting ideas, it can be used in any room of the house, although in most scenarios it is found on bathrooms and kitchen. Wainscoting can add a unique sense of elegance and décor to the living room, it can be used to cover up flawed or rough walls as well as add character to the room. There are a number of ideas to make use of wooden wainscot boards, since they are available in different widths, they can be used to create a unique design. If you prefer country or classic looks in wainscoting ideas then narrow strips attached at the bottom of the wall with the chair rail is the perfect choice. This design is called beadboard wainscoting and was a famous design in the 1920s.

For creative beadboard wainscoting ideas, different colors can be utilized to update the look, since white was a popular color used in the procedure. It is imperative that you consider the color of the room before choosing a wainscoting color to avoid color clashing. Different shades of the same color can be used on the footboard, chair rail, and upper wall to create a unique transition. This look is subtly sophisticated and interesting especially if the paint colors are not chalky or too bright. To give the living a dated wood paneling, chair rail and beadboard wainscoting can be added to the existing panel wall and the panels painted with the same color. Combining different panels with different widths while making them uniform with the same paint is the most effective and simplest wainscoting ideas especially if you have old wood paneling. Several color coats may be used on dark paneled rooms to give a fresher look. A little imagination on how to make and enhance the look of the room can greatly help in finding the best idea ,in cases where the wall is textured or stenciled then wood wainscoting is the perfect choice , depending on the style of the room good wainscoting ideas can be utilized.

Secrets to Great Building- The Verde Butterfly Granite

In today’s world, building is not just finding a place to live or work. It is more of an art, bringing the best out of what you are to do. This has brought in the use of granite in the remodeling of homes; the most commonly used is the Verde granite.

What has brought about the increased use of Verde stonework is the fact that they are able to meet the needs of almost all constructors. Apart from the fact that they are to standards, you are sure that you can get them at affordable prices.

Qualities that make the Verde butterfly granite standout

The deep green color, this lush dark green color brings out a unique shade that helps to convey out an attractive shade on counter tops or even desktops. It is common for people to remain fixed at the site of this item.

An extensive workspace, this is brought out by the shadow effect of the green color. It helps to bring out an illusion of a more spacious working space. The best part is that it helps to remind of the beauty of nature.

A great way of standing out, this is because most people prefer dark colors such as white or black. It is a great way of going neutral, due to its dark green and eye catching nature, it can easily be mistaken for black thus uniqueness.

The strength factor contributes greatly to it being a many favorite, this is clearly illustrated by its ability to resist breakage. Unlike other materials that easily crack or easily fade off, it is one way of ensuring that your investment is more worth.

Why shift to Verde butterfly granite

Apart from the great appearance, the shift in technology and better designs makes you have all the reasons to have them in place.

For those in the housing industry, it is a sure way to raise the price of your housing. This is simply because people often fall in love with their appealing nature.

The different varieties available, the green color is just the general appearance of this item. Several shades are under the category of green. This gives you a chance to get that, which is most appealing.

It is important that you order samples of the Verde butterfly granite before any purchase. This is crucial in ensuring you get what you see, furthermore, it is wise to visit your local supplier for to get more information on this appealing items.


Find out about Sliding Room Dividers

Space is considered to be a luxury nowadays. Every inch of space today is so expensive that you cannot afford to spare it to nothing. But sometimes, having too much space can be a problem. It feels like there is just too much space for a room that it does not have a use anymore. While your ultimate goal is to maximize the space, the best idea that you can do is to put sliding room dividers to do the part.

The purpose of sliding room dividers is to give enough security to a room that has been isolated. You can really make utilization of draperies. Nonetheless, shades are lightweight and can’t provide for you enough security. Besides, sound waves can undoubtedly enter the territory so there is truly no protection in it. Utilizing wood as divider then again can be exceptionally extravagant on your part. Furthermore, wood dividers are not openly portable so you can’t really change it the way you needed which makes sliding room dividers the ideal decision.

Sliding doors are perfect for your needs. It does give you enough privacy as you make use of the space and expose the space if you need a larger room. This is perfect for large rooms which you tend to divide due to some instances like creating a separate room for your children.

These sliding door dividers are also perfect for offices, restaurants, hotels and convention halls. Just because these places usually use large spaces means that sometimes there is a problem in making use of the so called extra space. Sometimes you just have a large space for a small crowd which makes the space inefficient for the said crowd.

There are many materials used as sliding door. You can have glass, wood and vinyl. Glass is probably the most modern looking material. It has the taste of modernity which makes it look more up to date. Wood one the other hand is probably the most expensive type of material is you are to use olden trees. This is also the most durable among the materials used. Vinyl on the other hand is the cheapest and most affordable material. The good thing about this material is it does come in different designs. In fact there is a pattern that is akin to wood which makes you have the feeling of actually having wood as your sliding door.
However, this can be the easiest to worn out material. It is made up of a plastic like material which can be a source of some imperfections.

Why You Should Decorate with Grommet Panel Curtains

Window treatments are just as important in home design as the colors you choose for your walls or even the pieces of furniture you pick out. Originally window coverings were used to simply block out the sun but now they are a part of your overall interior design, they can look good and still be functional. One of the most popular and practical window treatments are grommet curtains, grommet top curtains can update the look of a room from boring to colorful and stylish.
Easy to Install
Just as the name says the curtains have a metal or plastic grommet at the top, the rod slides through the grommets so the curtains hang and flow naturally. The rod going through the grommets gives it a pleated look. Grommet top curtains can come in any color and almost any type of fabric so coordinating them with a room is never a problem. You can hang them up as soon as you get them they take just a few minutes to install.
Easy to Maintain
It used to be that cleaning curtains was nightmare, they had to be removed hook by hook and then you had to remove all the hooks before bring them to a dry cleaner, to make matters worse you then had to repeat the process to put them back up. Cleaning grommet curtains is the easiest thing in the world, simply take them down from the rod and clean according to instructions, most are even machine washable. Since most of these types of curtains come in fabrics like silk, cotton and polyester washing them is like washing regular clothes.
Tips on Buying
When you buy panel curtains make sure each panel is the width of the window so they hang properly and flow nicely when they are closed. Not only does the width have to be right so does the length, measure from the floor to just above the window casing, where the rod will be installed. Remember with grommet top curtains your rod will be above the casing and extend about 6 inches on either side of your window. Panel curtains can look mismatched and allow in light and cold if not fitted properly.
Grommet curtains go well with any room and their versatility gives endless style options. The sheer ease of installation and maintenance combined with great look makes the the first choice of interior designers for almost every room.

Using Decorative Bird Cages for the Home Interior

Bird cages have become common decorative pieces for the home’s interior. With their interesting and unique shapes not to mention the intricate details, birdcages are not just meant for housing birds. Most of them are either made of wood or metal and one can choose to have a painted or a rusted one depending on the kind of interior look they want to achieve.

Vintage bird cages have become more popular because they are more decorative and attractive compared to the common mass-produced pet cages found in stores. There are also various reproductions that are similar to the style and details of original vintage cages, however, they are used for purely decorative purposes and cannot serve as an actual bird cage.

There is no doubt something special about including a decorative bird cage as part of a room’s décor. It brings about that Victorian feel that makes the home more inviting. Some useful ideas of using decorative bird cages are as follows:-

Bird Cages For Decorative Lighting

You can use them as part of the lighting accessories around the home. One can either use candles or use a strand of lights. If the bird cage is big enough, it can even hold a chandelier. They look absolutely amazing and make the lighting look very unique.

Used With Decorative House Plants

A bird cage can hold one or several potted house plants. It is one way of adding style to the use of house plants for decoration. The cage will make the houseplant look better and you can either have the potted plant next to the cage or inside the cage. You can also have several plants inside and others next to the cage of course depending on the size of the cage. The house plants can either be natural or artificial, either way they make a beautiful combination.

As A Decorative Centerpiece

Bird cages can also make very attractive centerpieces, especially the vintage bird cages. They can be used in centerpiece arrangement as an elegant accessory, the same way a table centerpiece is used. When combined with the appropriate decorative pieces, they make awesome centerpieces and compliment the rest of the room.

Used Along With Antique Books

Put some antique books inside a birdcage and put it in your home as a decorative piece. The effect is amazing. The bigger your bird cage is, the better because you will put in several books for that desired effect.

With decorative bird cages, there is no limit to creativity and in some cases, you don’t have to put anything in it if it is beautiful on its own. Simply find the ideal place around your home and place it there. You can even opt to put real colorful birds inside the cage, just ensure that you manage the litter well to avoid that messy look. Decorative bird cages are simply one of the most unique decorative pieces for a home’s interior.

adjustable curved shower curtain rod chrome

Cute Curved Curtain Rod

When it comes to bathrooms many people often think about how the lights won’t get wet and how to get a good shower head, or how to get the right rugs for the floor. However, very few people ever think of the curtain shower rod until they have to shower and the experience being different from what they expected it to be.

Signs you need to change your shower curtain rod

1.Having to mop the floor every time you use the bathroom as the water just keeps seeping out.

2. Showering while you are on one side of the bathroom to keep yourself from spilling water out

3. The bathroom area looking very big while outside but all cramped in when you shower

4. The other rod is too old and extremely ugly and rusted.

Why choose a curved shower curtain rod

1. A curved shower rod will help in stopping the continuous spillage that happens every time you shower. This usually happens when water flows to the sides of the curtain and onto the floor when showering as its edges go straight onto the wall rather the curving inside towards the bathe area.

2. Showering from one side of the bathroom may be due to the fact you are frustrated with all the mopping that comes after showing as it makes you feel like you want to shower again.

3. A curved shower is able to create space that is usually undetectable with a straight rod, thus you will have more space to turn around and have a chance to throw your hands up and just have a good time while showering.

4. It’s also pretty obvious that you should replace a rod once its old, rusted and ugly as very soon it will fall out of place making you shower without a curtain.

What to look for when choosing a curved shower rod

1. Ensure that the rod you choose is easily adjustable so as to fit into your bathroom walls well, to be on the safe go for one that offers a wide range.

2. Choose one that is made of strong material such as stainless steel, this is to ensure even when you tug on it, it won’t break easily.

3. Choose material that wont rust even after the everyday showering, go for coated ones or one made from stainless steel material, so that you can stay with it for longer without having change it.

However ensure that you also have a good curtain to go with it, chose a curtain long enough to contain the water inside, easy to clean and water proof. With all this you are sure to get the best experience while in the bathroom.